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 Break the fast

Bliss Balls | Vegan Sattvic GF
Sesame seeds, cumin, ginger. Great for internal lubrication!

Eat 1 every morning.  Qty 7.


Oatmeal | Vegan Sattvic GF

Dates, raisins, cinnamon and cardamom topped with maple syrup and nuts.


Organic Coffees & Teas

Vata B alancing Tea   | Sattvic

Channeling your inner drive! Ajwan, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon.


Pita Balancing Tea  | Sattvic

Pacifying your inner fire! Coriander, fennel, mint, rose petals, cumin, cilantro.


Kapha Balancing Tea | Sattvic

Invigorating tea! Ginger, fenugreek, dill, clove, cardamom, Summer tea, fennel, mint, coriander, roses, tulsi.



American Style Organic Coffee


Main Menu


Dosha is the first and only Ayurvedic Café in South Florida which brings healing to your body and  support your spiritual path with sattvic food, no matter what your spiritual path is.


The Ayurvedic food and diet is considered to be the key factor in the field of healing science. A complete source of refreshing energy for the mind, body and soul as a trilogy, rather than simple substitute of proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals.




Burger Kingdom

Baked Lentil Burger |  sattvic Vegan GF

Mung Dhal, lentils, carrot, rice, cilantro, digestive spices.


Baked Lentil Beet Burger | Sattvic Vegan GF

Mung Dhal, beet, carrot, rice, cilantro, cumin, coriander.



Almond Patty | Sattvic Vegan GF

Almond, ginger, oats, cilantro.



All burgers served on tapioca bread with spinach-naisse,  and mixed greens. Add tomatoes for $1.













Soup of the Day

Please ask about the soup of the day.


Dish of the day

Please ask about the dish of the day.










BudDha Bowls

Kitchari The Healing Ayurvedic signature Dish

Mung Dhal with basmati rice and digestive spices.


Quinoa Kitchari

Add seasonal  vegetables  $ 2.5

Basmati Rice bowl  $2.5  | Quinoa $4


Contact us for the special bowl of the day!

There is always something cooking!















Healthy baked vegetarian turnovers

Cauliflower | Sattvic Vegan

Filled with, celery, herbs and nuts.


Bulgur Wheat | Vegan (slightly rajasic)

Onion, garlic, peppers, raisin.


Spinach and Cheese | Sattvic

Spinach and vegan cheese.


Beets | Sattvic Vegan

Beets, nuts,  celery, raisins. 













Mona Liza | Sattvic

Arugula, spinach, paneer cheese, walnuts,  apple vinaigrette.


The Chopra | Sattvic Vegan GF

Spring mix, chickpeas, black pepper, tomatoes, orange segments, heart of palm, orange cumin vinaigrette.


Cashwesar | Sattvic Vegan GF

Romaine lettuce with cashew dressing and gluten free croutons, hulled hemp.


Cosmic Quinoa | Vegan Sattvic GF

Mixed greens, with roasted beets, quinoa and spinach vinaigrette.


Add tofu or hemp seeds $1.50 
















Arabic Style Coffee

With roasted cardamom.


Healing Tea

Ginger, turmeric,  honey.


Fresh Ginger Tea | Sattvic


Golden Almond Milk | Sattvic

Almond  Milk with turmeric, cardamom, & honey.


Chai & Latte

Sat Chai

Ginger, Tulsi, Pippali, Ashwagandha, coriander, cumin, nutmeg turmeric, cinnamon.


Dosha Latte | Vegan Sattvic GF

Herbal coffee with spices and almond or coconut milk (cold or hot).


Fresh organic juices

Ginger Shot Boost 2 oz. | Sattvic

To ignite your digestive fire! Lemon, honey,  hot water,  cayenne pepper.


Green Apples Mint  | Sattvic


Grapefruit | Sattvic

With spices & honey.


Skin Supreme Blend | Sattvic

Carrots, beets, celery, green apple, lemon.



Green Lover | Sattvic

Spinach, kale, lemon, celery, ginger.


Super V Detox | Sattvic

Cucumber, celery, spinach, lettuce, parsley, mint.




Ayurvedic organics roots, herbs and spices give smoothies a

healthy boost.


Bliss Shake | Sattvic

Nourish all the cells of your body! Almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon, cardamom, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, banana, dates.


Long Life | Sattvic

Promote longevity. Almond milk, Ashwagandha, spirulina, Gotu kola, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, dates.


Vegan Live Fit by Korin Sutton | Vegan Sattvic GF

Blueberries, Ashwagandha, coconut milk, raw protein powder, Spirulina.


Heart Beat | Vegan Sattvic GF

Support your heart and circulatory system. Berries, Ashwagandha, Arjuna powder, dates.


Infallible Date | Vegan Sattvic GF

Nourish your sexual organs, stimulate your libido! Almond milk, dates, Ghee.


Add Protein Plant Base to your Smoothie for $2. Add any herb, Vedic chef Sonia’s formulas, or super food of your choice $1 each. Cholesterol freedom,  mobility blend,  weight loss formula,  diabetes away, energy for woman /men.



Romance Lassi | Sattvic

Bring calm to your mind, helps sweep away stress! Almond milk, coconut vegan yogurt, rose petals syrup, cardamom.


Minty Lassi | Sattvic

Almond Milk, fresh made coconut vegan yogurt, mint, cilantro, salt, curry leaves.



Bliss Balls |  Vegan GF

Sesame seed,rainsin, cumin, ghee, ginger. Great for internal lubrication, eat 1 every morning.


Best Brownies - Small |  Vegan GF

Gluten free, made with banana, coconut oil and alot of love.


Best Brownies - Large | Sattvic GF

Gluten free, made with banana, coconut oil and alot of love.









Sweet & Love


Ayurveda, the ancient comprehensive healing system from India is now in your town.

Thank you for visiting Dosha Café & Juice Bar.

Sattvic Food nourishes your body, promotes calmness and mental clarity.



Vegan gluten free crepe, packed with vitamin B12 and Probiotics


Dosha Dosa 

Arugula, spinach, avocado.


Dosa Burrito

Black beans, rice, arugula, spinach with avocado.


Dosa of the Sea

UnTuna with greens.













Rice Kitchari 

The signature ayurvedic healing dish made with moong beans, basmati rice and digestive herbs.


Quinoa Kitchari

The signature ayurvedic healing dish made with moong beans, quinoa and digestive herbs.







(s) $5.50 




(s) $6.50 



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