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     After 25 years of working with and loving food; I started to notice a dramatic increase in my weight. One evening, I found it hard (almost impossible) to readjust the mat I stand on while cooking. This one instance beyond any other opened my eyes to my obesity. Concern for my health and my daughter's future motivated me to make some changes. First, I weighed myself to see how out-of-control I had become. When I saw 348 pounds; I thought my scale was broken. Realizing it was not depressed me to no end – I thought about giving up! But the mat incident stuck in my head; so I persevered. Next, I tried to change my own eating. Unfortunately, none of my training at Le Cordon Blue, College of Culinary Arts in Miami, Florida, prepared me for the dramatic changes that needed to take place. In order to lose 150 pounds, I had to start at the beginning.

    I consulted with nutrition experts and dieticians to understand what the body needs to not only survive but to be healthy. I then read up on cooking styles being used in many of the healthy parts of the world, including Japan, Spain, Singapore, Italy, etc… It was a great journey creating meals to improve my health. I soon started losing weight at a steady pace. This was not a diet to me but a new lifestyle. It did take one year to reach my goal of losing 150 pounds, but I figured, "It all didn’t go on at once; so it all doesn’t need to come off at once either." Many other people were noticing my weight loss. So, I started to cook for others to help them achieve better health. That was the beginning of the creation of my healthy kitchen "The Fitness Chefs". 

     My menus were created from my own experiences. I started creating healthy versions of all the dishes I used to love. I came out with the "Vitalicious Menu" for proper nutrition while I was losing weight. I also added an element of exercise and weightlifting into my life. This new experience has guided me into creating the "Paleo Menu" to help me get the best results from my workout.

     A few years ago, I learned to treat my body as a Temple. And became Vegetarian without even realizing it was happening. Now I am also, cooking for those who eat according to their DOSHA (your unique body-mind energy). Life is movement, evolution and so is my The Fitness Chefs’ Kitchen. I’m following the wisdom of the Ayurveda Life Style. I apply my own experience and knowledge to every single dish. I cook with passion and loving energy to deliver not just a meal but good health. Always asking, If I would eat or feed the meal to my beloved daughter. 

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